We develop floating wind turbines

  • Offshore floating wind has gone from promise to reality.
  • 80% of offshore wind is at deep sea, and future-proof design and technology for floating wind is needed.
  • Traditional horizontal-axis turbines is sub-optimal for floating wind as its design is based on onshore applications.
  • World Wide Wind develops – based on first-principle physics – an integrated turbine specifically designed for offshore floating wind power, with two counter-rotating turbines and tilted mast in concert with wind and elements
  • Our design has advantages along all key dimensions; 30% reduced weight and capex, LCOE below 50 USD/MWh, scalability up to 40MW, increased energy density (reduced turbine distance), simplified supply chain, and allowing for large degree of local value creation and content.
  • WWW collaborates with wind farm developers, sustainability funds, industrial locomotives, and local governments in both technology as well as floating offshore wind farms development.

Few components with generator below sea level

  • Two main counter-rotating components (blades/turbine, shaft and mast, generator)
  • Generator in bottom as stabilizer and counterweight. Rotor and stator counter-rotating.
  • Blades/ rotor: 3-dimensional trajectory (swept area as cone). Struts add to wind energy capture and capture efficiency.
  • Direct drive (no gear)

Environmentally friendly - inspired by nature

The vertical axis turbines have less impact on wildlife as the rotating turbine is perceived as a natural obstacle. The low speed of the rotor blade’s wing tip prevents birds strikes, in addition to our design also allowing for increased used of recyclable materials.

High area efficiency

  • Significant lower wake; less wake turbulence and wind channeled down to sea level
  • Distance between turbines reduced with 50%; 2 times increased number of turbines possible for a give sea area


CEO - Trond Lutdal

CFO - Jørn Borchgrevink

CDO - Kolbjørn Mikkelsen

COO - Erling L’Orsa Tveit

Founder & COB - Stian Valentin Knutsen

PR - Elsbeth Tronstad

CTO - Hans Bernhoff

Advisory board

John Olav Tande - Sintef

Oluf Ulfseth

Knut Aanstad