Optimized for Offshore Floating Wind

  • One integrated design for floating offshore wind
  • Two counter-rotating turbines
  • Tilted with the wind (similar to sail boats)
  • Simple design; no nacelle, gear, cooling, yaw
  • Generator as part of floater and ballast
  • Scalable up to 40MW and 400m height
  • Reduced wake effect and increased turbine density

Few components with generator below sea level

  • Two main counter-rotating components (blades/turbine, shaft and mast, generator)
  • Generator in bottom as stabilizer and counterweight. Rotor and stator counter-rotating.
  • Blades/ rotor: 3-dimensional trajectory (swept area as cone). Struts add to wind energy capture and capture efficiency.
  • Direct drive (no gear)

Environmentally friendly

The vertical axis turbines have less impact on wildlife as the rotating turbine is perceived as a natural obstacle. The low speed of the rotor blade’s wing tip prevents birds strikes, in addition to our design also allowing for increased used of recyclable materials.

High area efficiency

  • Significant lower wake; less wake turbulence and wind channeled down to sea level
  • Distance between turbines reduced with 50%; 4 times increased number of turbines possible for a give sea area

Our solutions

Floating offshore

Integrated design for deep sea floating offshore


Highly scalable and cost efficient counter rotating turbine for offshore bottom-fixed


Highly scalable and cost efficient counter rotating turbine for onshore use

Small scale turbines

World’s first counter rotating turbine in action


CEO - Trond Lutdal

CFO - Jørn Borchgrevink

CDO - Kolbjørn Mikkelsen

COO - Erling L’Orsa Tveit

Founder & COB - Stian Valentin Knutsen

PR - Elsbeth Tronstad

CTO - Hans Bernhoff

Advisory board

John Olav Tande - Sintef

Lars Tallhaug - Norconsult

Stein Roar Gjøen - Acapo