Presenting World Wide Wind’s highly efficient counter rotating vertical offshore wind turbine (CRVT)

Competitive LCOE

World Wide Wind’s revolutionary integrated design is highly scalable up towards 40MW turbines. Our ambition is to reach an LCOE equal to today’s land-based HAVT turbines.

Simplified and robust; long lifetime

Our CRVT technology has a simplified design reducing production- and maintenance costs. Fewer moving parts and low wing tip speed results in a prolonged lifespan.

Environmentally friendly

The vertical axis turbines have less impact on wildlife as the rotating turbine is perceived as a natural obstacle. The low speed of the rotor blade’s wing tip prevents birds strikes, in addition to our design also allowing for increased used of recyclable materials.

High area efficiency

Our system increases grid efficiency and turbine density due to reduced wake.


Trond Lutdal

Jørn Borchgrevink

Kolbjørn Mikkelsen

Erling L’Orsa Tveit

Stian Valentin Knutsen

Elsbeth Tronstad

Hans Bernhoff

Advisory board

Jon Kjellin

Anders Goude